Art and Photography at sixth form

I have come to the end of my time at sixth form which means that I have had to produce a final piece for both creative subjects. This was both an exciting and stressful experience but I am pleased with the overall outcome!

For Fine Art I chose the theme ‘Dynamism and Movement’. I used this theme to relate to my passion for gymnastics and dance and the fluid movement that comes with the sports.

Fine Art Final Piece

This photo above is my final outcome in Fine Art. It is a 5ft by 7ft stretched canvas that displayed the movement of my body through various medium. It is mainly made up of acrylic paint, both watered down and normal consistency with other textures built on top. The whole of this project was majorly influenced by the work of Tony Orrico and Jackson Pollock, two big artists that focus on the way that the body can influence a painting.

Tony Orrico
Jackson Pollock

As for my A level photography project, I went down a similar dramatic approach when choosing the theme ‘Dramatic Images’. I decided to use this with landscape photography and try to capture the dramatic aspects of the natural landscapes. This project took me to the most stunning places around the British Isles, from the North West Coast of Scotland to the tallest single drop waterfall in the UK (Pistil Rhaeadr) and even got me up at 4am for an early shoot in Snowdonia. My final piece consisted of 3 black and white photos from both Glen Coe and Snowdon.

Glen Coe
Glen Coe
Glen Coe




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