What makes us human? : Infrastructure

1. the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g. buildings, roads, power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise.

As of early September, I will be a full-time student at Hereford College of Arts. The college have required us to do some ‘summer homework’ looking into what makes us human in terms of patterns and pattern making. In response to this task I have built up a sketchbook of work which is still yet to be completed within the next 3 weeks. It shows a development of different answers to the question in the form of photography, drawings, painting etc.

More to the point.. I am going to create a series of blog posts answering the all important question What Makes Us Human? A large part, if not most of our lives, are based around infrastructure: the way our houses are built, the ongoing connections of telephone wires and power supplies.

Infrastructure (for example buildings) are made up of shapes, lines and angles – all able to create a design. The collection of photos below all show organised forms and clear design aspects.

Infrastructure series : Shrewsbury

Infrastructure series : Shrewsbury

Infrastructure series : Shrewsbury

Infrastructure series : Shrewsbury
To incorporate more art into this section I am using Mauren Brodbeck‘s work with Urbanscapes. Her way of blocking out colours exaggerates the buildings, creating a focus for the eye.

So far I have played around with dropping in colour on photoshop with the paint bucket tool.




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