Hereford College of Arts FAD: Weekly Overview #1

So I officially started my Foundation Diploma in art and design this week. I thought I’d start this series, mainly for myself so I have something to look back on, but also for those of you who are interested in what I’m getting up to for the next year.

I spent Thursday and Friday settling into a new space, meeting lots (and I mean lots) of new people and getting back into the swing of things. Myself and a very good friend of mine, Imogen, got the train at 7:18am both days which was a struggle to say the least but we survived it and thank goodness we had each other to get through it! Not only was I starting college this week, I was also in a show at the Theatre Severn which required attendance at the theatre every evening for rehearsals and shows; so for me to say I’m not exhausted right now would be a lie.

The two days were a mixture of ‘bonding’ exercises, small tasks and a whole lot of talks that included important information. Day 1 was based around paper, lots and lot of paper!

Screen Shot 2016-09-10 at 11.43.38.png

This is what we were faced with when we first entered the building and it’s amazing how pieces of paper can make you feel so anxious and uncomfortable. Firstly, we had to conjure up words associated with it, so anything from chips to crumple. Then a slightly awkward task was set where we had to create something wearable, I produced a jewellery set made out of bubble wrap. The awkward part was the fashion show at the end of it.

We then went onto working with others that we hadn’t spoken to that much within our tutor groups. The best exercise was to produce an animal that doesn’t exist, this is where our sea dragon serpent thing came to life (name choosing was too difficult). Another task was to make to tallest tower out of the material which was in fact a competition but we ended up making a swing that touched the ground which was disqualified 😦


Day 2 was very different as it was at a slower pace, which I preferred, and was also centred around us as individuals. We were asked to bring 3 objects to produce drawings from. We were encouraged to draw loosely and as big as possible. Then different tasks were set like drawing with your left hand or eyes shut.

To finish the day we got our summer work out and peer assessed it in small groups within our tutor groups. It was really interesting to see how people interpreted it and the feedback given to one another was really helpful. After putting our favourites up on the wall both the person who chose one and the artist had to explain their thoughts. This was slightly nerve-racking but it gave me a chance to explain the idea behind the images.

What Makes Us Human wall

So there we have it, the first step done and dusted! Here’s to a potentially fab year that I can’t wait to document on here for you all.







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