Hereford College of Arts FAD: Week 2/3

I am now going into my 4th week of art college and i’m fully into the swing of things. Week 2 was a very slow paced, bitty week which included more talks, small tasks and inductions. The tasks mainly included more drawing and developing our summer work and also to think more divergently. This is where the 101 ways to squeeze a lemon comes in. We had to come up with interesting ways to juice a lemon so for example, something generic like a lemon squeezer or between the mouth of a crocodile. As a whole week 2 didn’t have enough excitement for me to be able to give it it’s own blog post, hence the fact i’ve merged 2 weeks together. Week 3 on the other hand was exciting and I have plenty to say about it.

Last week was the first week of rotation projects and I started with the communication brief. Our initial task was based around the alphabet and finding letters in inanimate objects both inside and outside.

The alphabet found outside

Following from this we began a collaboration project. In my group of 5 people, we decided to combine 5 quotes to create one circular print. The print technique was hand printing, a very simple way of creating prints.

The images above show the preparation and design process where we used paper to put our ideas onto.

Our images were then put onto scratch foam. Whatever was imprinted into the foam came out white, producing the image. Our print was successful but could’ve have done with a second run just to getting rid of the many white patches.






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