Hereford College of Arts FAD: Weekly overview #3

This week just gone was the second week of rotation projects. My focus for the week was fine art and the title given was CYCLE. We had to come up with different cycles initially, so for example, the menstrual cycle, milankovic cycles, pregnancy, clockwork etc. I eventually stuck with the idea of the hydrological cycle (for those of you who do not know what this is.. it’s basically the water cycle, so precipitation and evaporation etc.)

To develop our ideas of cycles we had to conceptualise our chosen idea and begin designing a 3D piece made out of perspex. I thought a spiral would best fit my cycle, as it goes up and down continuously. This is what I began to visualise..




This rough mock up shows the 3D spiral. To relate it to the hydro. cycle, I wanted to use the sandblaster to put a pattern of some sort onto the plastic.




The images below show parts of the process of making it and the end product. The best way of showing the end result was by lighting it up in a dark room.

I have taken some photos of the spiral, developing the concept further. I started by putting it in a space, making it look as thought it belongs somewhere else.

Here I have tried to capture movement
I took advantage of the horrible weather and captured rain on the perspex





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