Hereford College of Arts FAD: Weekly Overview #4

So somehow week 5 is over and my time at HCA is flying by without me realising. I’m quite amazed at the amount of work i’ve been able to create in these few weeks and how quickly my confidence is growing by each day. But anyway, I need to stop worrying about time passing and make the most of the time I do have!

This week was based on textiles and surface pattern, the project I have been most excited to do. I’ve never been one for textiles and all things fabric but there’s something about screen printing onto fabric that I love! To start with we were given the task of collecting sounds in the form of marks and drawings. These drawings were personal interpretations and ended up being successful abstract patterns.


We developed these basic drawings, adding colour and combining them together. This was the beginning of creating a final pattern to be used in the workshop. I ended up using my interpretations of laughter and overlapping conversations for my screen print stencils, this is how they came out…

I wanted to use colours that not only complimented each other but had some contrast. Looking back I would’ve have liked to try turquoise and orange together but the beauty of these workshops is that when they’re open access we can just go back when we want.

To complete the week we developed our patterns further by making applications. I did a mixture of fashion and wallpaper. The image below shows my design sheet which is a representation of the design cycle. It’s basically a page of ideas and development. Mine incorporates the original drawings, my final prints, the applications and similar sorts of designs from other artists. Overall, I’d say this week has been my favourite so far.










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