Hereford College of Arts FAD: Weekly overview #5

Last week marked the end of weekly rotations, finishing on the 3D to 2D brief. A part of me is glad that these fast paced projects are over because I like having time to allow my ideas to develop and change. But there’s something quite satisfying about having a project done and dusted on the Friday and new one starting the next Monday.

The 3D rotation was based around three fundamental shapes, square, triangle and circle. Supposedly everything around us is formed of at least one of those basic shapes and manipulated into new forms. The task of drawing shapes and their 3D versions was set and we were encouraged to go beyond the pencil and find new ways of producing marks. A particular method I enjoyed using was fine liner and water. When you draw a standard triangle (for example), at face value  it is 2D but when you brush water over the line it directs the ink in a different way and produces shadow to suggest a 3D object.

The end result of this project was to go into both the ceramics and metal workshops and fabricate live models of our drawings. In order to prepare for this, we made paper models and any issues that arose were to be turned into elements of the model. I based mine around prisms and tried to excecute all four triangles to meet at a point but I had issues with sizing them and measuring each individual piece would’ve taken too long. I ended up creating purposely imperfect prisms in the workshops, turning my weakness into a success.





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