Hereford College of Arts FAD: Weekly overview #6 (half term evaluation)

It’s finally the half term hols, 7 weeks of hard work done and dusted! We started our final week of half term at Hereford Skate park, I have previously made a blog post about what we did there.

I only had 1 day in the studio last week, the day was spent handing in and peer assessing the work we had produced over the half term. I was really pleased with my body of work when I laid it all out. Over the course of 7 weeks I feel as though I have worked really hard to ensure my sketchbook and other work alongside it were strong and done to my best ability. After receiving feedback on my Compton Verney review, I was confident that my work was done to a high level.

So to do the peer crit, we had to use our space to lay out all of our work. Some took this in an exhibition style and presented each thing with care and some just left all their work in a pile for the assesor to go through. Each persons work was marked using unit 1-4 as reference, so research, ideas, evaluation and practical. Each unit would either be passed or referred; referred meaning it needs to be concentrated on over the next half term.

My desk space



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