What inspires me?

Over half term I was given the task of collecting 30 objects and images that inspire me. This was an interesting project as it allowed me to really think about what actually inspires my work and what visual elements I like in art and design. I noticed a lot of block colours and shape come up and more abstract compositions.

Above shows a few pages out of the little sketchbook I made; I decided to make this because I thought it would be something good to keep referring back to. The top left image shows a smear of white paint (which unfortunately doesn’t show up great), although some what uninspiring to many I was interested in the texture that builds up to create a defining form despite being white on white. Other elements above show colour application and Instagram inspiration.

These are other images that inspired me. I like a variety of visual elements, from abstract paint smears to simple, symmetrical landscape photos; a positive thing when it comes to producing interesting and diverse ideas.

My little inspiration book


As an extension of my sketchbook, in my desk space I have created a mood board. I have picked the best out of the book and added a few photos of myself. This is a more visual aid for when I am working at my desk.


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