Hereford College of Arts FAD: Weekly overview #7

We have now got to the stage in the course where we have to start deciding what our specialisms are. This will be determined by a body of work that we are creating over the 3 week project. After collecting 30 things that inspire me I now know which path I want to take and what I want to experiment with.

I have researched a few artists and photographers that relate to my train of thought.

Top left: Christian Boltinski – use of lighting to create atmosphere and meaning

Bottom left: Luis Barragan – architect that works with bold shapes and colours

Middle: Ophelia Pang – Building like shapes to create interlocking patterns

Right: Gerhard Richter – Paint over photos to create texture and depth

My chosen brief is based on shape, colour and texture, using landscape photography as my subject matter. To achieve texture I have found ways of manipulating images, such as, white vinegar, bleach, paint and stitching. Currently these are experimental pieces but for future reference I know what they produce, if ever I wanted to pursue final images with the techniques.

A sample of the ways I have manipulated rural landscapes

To achieve colour and shape, I have used urban landscapes to seek out shapes and lines. From this I have created a template for a screen print I will do in the coming weeks. It follows the same technique Pang uses by interlocking shapes to create an abstract design. I have done a rough drawing of the shapes and colours and done 4 separate stencils for each colour. I used a pantone chart to decide which colours respond well with each other and came up with the 4 below.

As this project unfolds over the next 2 weeks I hope to gain new techniques in photography processing and refine my current knowledge in 35mm film.


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