landscape. elements. wild.

3 words. different meanings. same concept.

landscape. all the visible features of an area of land, often considered in terms of their aesthetic appeal.

elements. an essential or characteristic art of something abstract.

wild. (of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.

landscape, elements, wild is a new project I am working on; it’s derived from the overall project title ‘take 3 give 1’. The concept of this project is to take 3 words at random and give something away at the end of it (a piece of work). My subject matter for this is the landscape around me, using techniques within photography to document it.

I have currently centred my work around the word wild, using weeds and plants to produce work from. I started out producing close up photos of plants, trying to capture the beauty and enhance the simplicity of weeds, something most of us see as a visual eyesore.

the most successful shot.


As a continuation of using these delicate plant forms I have done flower pressing and tried to achieve a botanical looks by using old book pages. This really captures the fragility and beauty of weeds first hand.


The aesthetic of this project is very crisp and contains simple forms; I like the idea of single formations in the centre of a page or space. I find the white space around something makes the subject a lot more meaningful and dominant. To continue this strain of fragility and simple forms, I want to produce a series of cyanotypes using weeds and plants as the subject matter.






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