Getting back behind the lens

After starting the Foundation Diploma in September I haven’t reached for a camera as much as i’d have liked to so today I dragged a friend of mine out to go on a spontaneous shoot. Our organisation skills are pretty poor when we go on shoots, we decide where to go about 10 minutes before we’re due to leave, but I guess that’s all part of the excitement.

Today we had a little adventure down to Atcham and wondered down to the river bank just by the Mytton and Mermaid. I decided to play around with a 50mm lens on both my canon dslr and my pentax ME super and got some beautiful shots! I only took something like 4 photos on my film camera so it’ll be a while before I finish the roll and develop it.

My trusty little Pentax Me Super

The 50mm lens on my canon 600d allows the aperture to reach 1.8, creating beautiful crisp and focussed images with a shallow depth of field. The one thing I love about that lens is the soft focus it gives you alongside sharp detail.

Uneditted photo taken on my 50mm of Holly. This photo just proves how lovely the lens is!




The light was just perfect this evening, it gave a soft glow to each photo. It’s true golden hour is definitely a magical hour.



Today has made me so motivated to get back out regularly with my cameras and make the most of gems within Shropshire.


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