Hereford City of Culture 2021: Documentary photography project

A new project brief has been set and this one’s live…

Hereford is bidding to become UK City of Culture 2021. Every four years a British city wins the title which ‘turbocharges’ the surrounding county’s economic and cultural life. Winning the bid would help bringΒ national and international attention to businesses, health organisations, education facilities and art projects; all very much needed within Herefordshire.

I have decided to go behind the scenes of Hereford essentially and highlight areas and issues within the city that need investment, starting off with the economy. Underinvestment andΒ the low wage economy has a knock on effect which therefore impacts on appearance, a major factor holding Hereford back. Without making Hereford look bad I’m trying to use this as my subject matter and create a raw documentary photo series. The aim of my first shoot was the firstly gage an understanding and whereabouts of the city centre and find out what fits in with my personal brief and what doesn’t and secondly to photograph the closed shop fronts which weren’t hard to find.







To develop from this I am doing a similar shoot but with 35mm black and white film in the hopes that I get photos with more character and texture. I am still yet to expose and scan in this shoot but because I used 100 iso film I think that there won’t be as much grain as i’d like, perhaps 400 iso would achieve the desired effect better. Plans are also being put in place to have an informal interview to get some real subjects to focus on.


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