Hereford City of Culture 2021: Final Piece progression

To conclude this 6 week project on the Hereford City of Culture 2021 bid, I have taken my photos of Hereford from over the weeks and decided to compile them in a final image to showcase my theme.

The concept behind my project was to show how Hereford has lots of potential both culturally and economically but its held back by the lack of investment and need to develop the closed down, rough parts. The city has three very distinct areas of development: parts of high funding and input creating modern buildings and introducing large chain restaurants and shops, little or no development where shop fronts are left shut and run down, and independent growth which is specific to each business.



These two pieces are representations of Hereford’s economic growth. They suggest how the new builds in the city are slowly increasing but due to mass amount of run down buildings and poor economic value, the city is held back. The black photo in the foreground of the colour photo is there to show how it’s in the way.


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