Final major project: The Environment

So the end of the course is looming with only roughly 11 weeks left!! To complete the course we have to create a brief for a projects and execute the brief, coming up with work that’ll then be exhibited in a final showcase.

Project title: The Environment

I have chosen to play to my strengths, photography and geography. Photography was always going to be my chosen medium and physical geography is something I am passionate about, the two put together make a very strong project. My main aim is to raise awareness to the rising issue of pollutants and their subsequent effects on the environment. Whether we see it or not, the natural landscape is always being changed and manipulated as a result of pollution. These pollutants can be in the form of gas, plastic and other synthetic materials, hazardous liquid chemicals and many more. Global warming and climate change are a direct result of this, something the human eye struggles to see but we all know it’s a rising issue and is constantly moulding the landscape around us.

My initial plan is to take aspects of other projects and bring them all together in this one; expanding on previously learnt techniques. Photo manipulation is one method I began to develop in ‘take 3 give 1’ and something I am keen to develop further over the next project. Not only do I want to capture the purity and beauty in the natural landscape and create imagery that only shows the positives, but I would also like to make sure I show the reality of our changing world and suggest the future impacts of pollution.

So far I have been simply capturing the landscape at face value with no obvious evidence of   change or manipulation. The locations I’ve been to have had evidence of human interference, something I will touch on as the project develops.





This project isn’t just about producing work about the topic, it is also a time for me to learn more about this serious issue and to develop my geographical knowledge. In an aim to do this I am doing a side line project, collaborating with a friend on the subject of plastic pollution. The aim is to reduce the colleges plastic usage and to make people think wisely about the plastic they use day to day. Plastic is something the planet cannot cope with; the synthetic form will never break down enough for the earth to absorb it therefore making its way into marine life and wildlife. By 2025 there will be 1 tonne of plastic for every 3 tonnes of fish in the oceans; with startling facts like these people should be more aware their usage or how they wish to dispose of it… some food for thought.








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